"Industrial components" Ltd.

We offer the whole range of contract manufacturing services in the following fields of electronics:

Printed Circuit Boards

•    Design/Redesign
•    Routing
•    PCB production of any level of complexity (up to 40 layers)
•    Any types of printed circuit boards (flexible and rigid-flexible, HDI, Metal Core PCBs, microvawe PCB, SHF PCB)
•    Sample & mass PCB production

Wide range of electronic components & modules by leading world manufacturers:

•    Electronic components
•    Active/Passive components
•    Connectors
•    Optoelectronics
•    Switching devices
•    Power supplies, converters
•    Electronic drives
•    Components for automation

! Suggestion for suppliers

We can support your company by promoting your products using our resources. We can cooperate in selling products from your stock balance as well.
Companies without representative offices in Russia are of special interest for us.

Contract manufacturing services

We offer the full range of contract manufacturing services - from PCB design to electronic modules assembly and casing. Any additional services are also available (on our partners’ production capabilities).

Our production:

•    Keyboards and keypads (silicone, membrane, vandal-proof)
•    Cases for electronic devices
•    Remote control panels
•    Surface mounting stencils

Design and engineering of new electronic devices and systems by engineers of company “Industrial components” is very important and special field of our activity.

All the services and products mentioned above can be ordered separately as well as combined in one complex EMS order.  We have large experience in dealing with PCBs, assembly and electronics. Our specialists will help to find the optimal way to reach the best and precise result of your project.

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